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The Home Care Department 
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Tel: 03-5351808, 03-5353129 
19, Hadar st., "Varga House" Kiryat Ono
The Home Care department of the ALEH organization was established in 1994.
Its main activity is in the 
field of nursing and caregiving for senior citizens.

This department was established by the ALEH organization management, which believes 
in the importance of allowing the disabled elderly to remain at home
and be a part 
of the community, by providing advice, service, care and support
of professionals and skilled caregivers.

About the team:

The ALEH organization's staff in general and the Home Care department
 staff in particular include
senior professional managers, social workers, certified university graduate nurses, administrative staff, inspectors, skilled caregivers and professional caregivers.

Esther Barchash Goldberg has been the unit manager since 1994, has a second degree in social work,
and is a specialist in the old 
age issue and in family caregiving.

Long-Term Care Insurance Law services

ALEH Kiryat Ono is licensed by the National Insurance Institute to provide care services to
elderly entitled to receive long-term care benefit from the National Insurance.
ALEH provides long-term services in the following localities:  
Kiryat Ono, Givat Shmuel, Ganei Tikva,
Regional Council South Sharon, Yehud, Savion, northern Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan.

The Long-Term Insurance Law is designed for elderlies who meet the criteria for long-term care benefit and receiving free-of-charge nursing services for a period determined according to the Long-Term Care Law regulations. 
amount of care hours is determined in accordance with to two criteria: 
1. The functioning capacity of the
2. The level of her/his monthly income.

The nursing care provided through the Long-Term Law Services includes assistance as follows:
- the
daily tasks of dressing, bathing, eating, controlling secretions, supervision;
- h
ousehold maintenance: usual cleaning, cooking, washing and the like.

The nursing is done by caregivers authorized for long-term care services.
caregivers employed by ALEH Kiryat Ono are carefully selected by social workers with a master's degree. Each one is employed after a successful interview and a presentation of recommendations. Most part of the caregivers are trained and possess a "qualified caregiver" certificate.

We do our best to match the caregiver to the elderly; we make the first home visit at the elderly's home in the presence of the elderly and a close family member. During this visit we examine together the needs and the desires of the elderly in order to reach the best match between her/him and the caregiver.
the entire service period we accompany the elderly and the caregivers and respond quickly to every call and request.

We specialize in providing to each
elderly the caregiver most suitable to her/his unique needs and in
training and giving personal support to the
elderly and her/his family. 

Pre-Long-Term Care Insurance Law services

ALEH Kiryat Ono provides Pre-Long-Term Law services, immediate placement of the caregiver until the elderly's intitlement to a National Security long-term care benefit is approved

Long-Term Care private services given by Israeli caregivers - at home, in hospitals and in institutions

If the
long-term care benefit does not meet all the needs of the elderly, private extra hours can be received, and if the application for a long-term care benefit is rejected, it's possible to receive private care hours by a suitable caregiver.
Foreign workers for long-term care - employing a foreign worker

Long-term care by a foreign worker at the elderly's home allows the person to remain at home and in
her/his natural environment, even if her/his
functioning is very poor and she/he needs full
 The entry of a foreign worker can give peace of mind for the elderly and her/his family.
The ALEH department for home care employs foreign workers and provides advice and guidance to the
her/his family and the foreign worker. 
The workers' placements are done through
licensed companies, chosen by the management of the ALEH organization in a tender process. 

Assistance to Holocaust survivors

ALEH Kiryat Ono, in collaboration with the Holocaust Survivors Fund, assists Holocaust survivors who
need long-term care. 
The Fund finances 9 hours per week for Holocaust survivors to whom the
National Insurance has
approved at least 16 hours of
long-term care per week. 
In addition, the Fund approves 50 hours of home care to elderly released from hospitals, even if they are not entitled to 
National Security long-term care benefit.

List of the services:

ALEH provides services to individual and institutional customers alike.
  • Professional advise services by social workers specializing in gerontology for each dilemma in issues related to elderly care at home and in the community - with no obligation and free of charge.
  • Personal long-term care services at home to the elderlies entitled to receive long-term care benefit.
  • Private personal long-term care services at home.
  • Supporting and coaching services to customers of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Kiryat Ono.
  • Advice, guidance and professional support in the employment of foreign workers, as well as advice and guidance on their employment conditions.
  • Supervision in hospitals and long-term care institutions.
  • Advice in crisis occurrance.
consultation appointment free of charge and without any obligation can be made at tel. 03-5353129,  03-5351808. 

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