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2018 Program

 December program

 3/12 Movies Club: "Menashe"
 5/12 Hanukkah Festive Event

 9/12 Musical: "Cinderella"
 12/12 Trip to Na'an Kibbutz
 16-18/12 Vacation at the "Pastoral" Hotel at Kfar Blum
 24/12 A Morning with Hava Alberstein's Songs
 25/12 Lecture: From External to Internal Stability
 25/12 End of 2019 Celebration with the Police Orchestra
 30/12 Show: "Fulfilling his wishes"

 November program

 12/11 Trip to the Libyan Jews Heritage Center
 13/11 "Women Greater then Life": "She Shuts Up No More"
 18-22/11 Vacation at the "Crown Plazza" Hotel at the Dead Sea
/11 Trip to the Hatserim Kibbutz
 30/11 Tribute to Yossi Banay
 Various Events During November - The Senior Citizens 

 September-October program

 4/9 "Women Greater then Life": "Humor for a Better Life"
 6/9 Slichot Performance in Jerusalem with David De'Or
 25/9 Trip to the Yehuda Plain
 1-5/10 Trip to Baku (Azerbaijan)
 6/10 Show: The Kiryat Ono Conservatory Graduates Open a Season of Explained Concerts
 9/10 Show: "Lenon-Mccartny" - Songs and Stories
 16/10 "Women Greater then Life": "When Reality Surpasses Imagination"
 17/10 Trip to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem
 18/10 Musical: "A Chorus Line"

 July-August program

 5/7-2/8 Summer Music Course: 5 Lectures
 5/7-2/8 French Chansons: 3 Lectures
 9/7 Movies Club: "The Post"
 15-17/7 Vacation at the "Assienda" Hotel in the Western Galilee
 23/7 Movies Club: "Faces Places"
 24/7 Trip to the new Sound and Light Show in Jerusalem
 24/7 "Women Greater then Life": "I Chose the Woman Inside Me"
 26/7 Show: "My Mica"
 27/7 Show: Tribute to the Military Bands
 30/7 Movies Club: "Maktub"

 June program

 2-13/6 Trip to Ireland and Scotland
 17-21/6 Vacation at the Dead Sea
 18/6 Movies Club: "Thank You for Your Service"

 19/6 "Women Greater then Life": The Rights of the Patient in Israel
 22/6 Show: Tribute to Shmulik Kraus
 24/6 Trip to Jerusalem and a Visit to the Islamic Museum

 May program

 1/5 "Women Greater then Life": "The story at the Coffee-end" with the Writer and Poet Dalis 
 2/5 Show: "Once There Was a Hassid"
 6/5 Opening of a Bridge Class for Beginners

 7/5 Tribute to Yossi Banay
 8/5 Trip around Yagur
 11/5 The Kiryat Ono March
 15/5 "Women Greater then Life": "How to Make a Limonade out of a Lemon"

 April program

 3/4 and 4/4 Day Trip to the Vadi Atir Project
 8/4 Opening of a Ceramics Workshop
 22-26/4 Trip to Batumi, Georgia
 26/4 Show: "The Crucible" ("The Witch-hunt")

 March program

 2/3 Show: "If I Were Rothschild" - Gil Shohat Hosts Natan Datner
 5/3 Trip to the Druze Toscana and the Golan Heights
 5/3 Movies Club: "Only the Brave"

 6/3 A Visit to the Rabin Museum in Tel Aviv
 7/3 Yzhar Coen - Show
 9/3 Show: "The Rebels"

 12/3 Movies Club: "Breath"
 13/3 "Women Greater then Life": The Movie "Girl-Woman"

 13/3 Show: "Herzl Said"
 21/3 Trip from Tel Azaka to Sriguim

 February program

 6/2 Trip to Jerusalem
 7/2 A Visit to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
 7/2 Show: "The Rebels"
 13/2 "Women Greater then Life": Meeting with the Writer and Poet Dalis about her New Book
 14/2 Yiddish Show: "Der Actiar"
 16/2 Homage to Shayke Ofir
 18-22/2 Vacation at the "Dan Panorama" Hotel in Eylat
 22/2 Trip to the Jordan Valley

 January program

 2/1 "Women Greater then Life": Lecture on the Handwriting Importance Nowadays
 3/1 Convention of Health and Sport for the Seniors 
 8/1 Homage to Ytzhak Navon
 10/1 Trip to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem
 12/1 Show: Gil Shohat Hosts Nasrin Kadri and Guests

 14-16/1 Vacation at the "Pastoral" Hotel in Kfar Blum
 22/1 Opening of a New 4-Lessons Course on Taking Pictures with the Smartphone
 22/1 Show: Astrith Baltsan - Beethoven and the Appassionata

 29/1 Trip to the Israeli Signal Corps Memorial in Yehud
 30/1 Trip Following People and Stories in the Valley

2017 Program

 November-December program

 3/11 Lecture on Preservation of the Brain
 3/11 Show: Gil Shochat Hosts Danny Sanderson
 6/11 Health and Sport Morning
 6/11 Movies Club: "The Zookeeper's Wife"
 6/11 Show: "A Horse Walks into a Bar"
 7/11 Trip to Jerusalem
 13/11 Lectures by David Yagol, Attorney, and Tamar Ghishri
 13/11 Movies Club: "Going in Style"
 14/11 "Women Greater then Life": Global Warming - An Immediate Danger?
 14/11 Show: Astrith Baltsan - "From Russia with Love"
 9-21/11 Vacation at the "Glilon" Hotel 
 26-30/11 Vacation at the "Lot" Hotel at the Dead Sea
 27/11 Movies Club: "After the Storm"
 28/11 Trip to the Druse Toscana and the Golan
 5/12 "Women Greater then Life": "Between Parents and Children"
 10/12 Show: "Polishuk"
 19/12 Trip to the Beit Shean Valley
 - Continuation of the 4 Lessons Course on How to Take Pictures on the Smartphone,
   that Started on 30/10

 September-October program

 7/9 Festive Opening of the Hannah Mart College
 11/9 Movies Club: "Hidden Figures"
 12/9 "Women Greater then Life" - Year Opening with Meirav Shitrit
 12/9 The 3rd "Golden" Sport Championship

 29/9 Movies Club: The Violin Teacher"
 2/10 Show: "Scenes from a Marriage"
 8/10 Show: "Daddy's Braid

 10/10-16/10 Trip to Roumania
 18/10 Beginning of a Computer Learning Cours for Seniors

 23/10 Movies Club: "A Quiet Heart"
 24/10 "Women Greater then Life" - With Ruth Rubin, Storiesteller
 30/10 Movies Club: "Florence Foster Jenkins"
 From 30/10 Learning How to Take Pictures on the Smartphone (4 Lessons)

 July-August program

 4-11/7 Trip to Poland
 13/7-10/8 Music Course
 17/7 Movies Club: "La La Land"

 18/7 "Women Greater then Life" - The Two Faces of the Azaria Trial
 24/7 Movies Club: "Allied"
 30/7-1/8 Vacation at Hotel "Ramot" in the Golan
 31/7 Movies Club: "Past Life" ("The Sins")
 4/8 Show: "Just to Love"
 17/8 Show: "The Third Floor"

 June  program

 2/6 Homage to Shayke Paykov
 5/6 Trip to the North: Landscapes and History
 7/6 Israeli Docu: The Movie "Where is Elle-Kari and What Happened to Noriko-san" + Lecture
 11-15/6 Vacation at Hotel "Hod" at the Dead Sea
 11/6 Show: Astrith Baltsan Presents "Jerusalem of Gold"
 12/6 A Day of Sport for the Senior Citizens
 12/6 Movies Club: "Yismach Hatani"
 15/6 Show: "Licence for Life"
 16/6 Show: Gil Shochat with Nurit Galron
 19/6 Movies Club: "Captain Fantastic"
 19/6 Show: "A Yidishe Mame"
 20/6 "Women Greater then Life" - A Tour of the Knesset

 26/6 Movies Club: "Like Crazy"
 29/6 Trip to the Light Festival in Jerusalem

 April-May program

 4/4 "Women Greater then Life" - With Tova Eytan about a Book by Savyon Librecht
 12/4 Trip to the Bedouins in the South
 14/4 Show: Yardena Arazi and the Gevatron
 25/4 "Women Greater then Life" - Meeting the Knesset Member Revital Swid
 28/4 Homage to Efi Netzer

 4/5 Show: "In the Tunnel"
 7-8-9/5 Vacation at Hotel "Yearim" in Jerusalem
 15/5 Trip to an Unknown Country
 26/5 Show: Gil Shochat with Micki Kam

 March program

 5/3 Trip to the Red South
 7/3 Opening of a Course for Improving Thinking Ability
 7/3 "Women Greater then Life" - The movie "Pray the Devil Back to Hell"
 8/3 Show: "Funny Girl"
 15-28/3 Trip to Japan

 February program

 1/2 A Visit to the Jerusalem Israel Museum 
 6/2 Movies Club: "The Dressmaker"
 7/2 "Women Greater then Life" - Discussion after "The Jewel" by Guy de Maupassant
 14/2 Show: "Talk to Me with Flowers" - The greatest Israeli songs
 20/2 Movies Club: "Trumbo"
 21/2 "Women Greater then Life" - Love and Money in the Family
 22/2 Trip to the Path of the Valey of the Sources
 24/2 Show: Singing Arik Einstein's Songs
 26/2-2/3 The Golden Years Festivities at the Eilat Dan Panorama Hotel

 January program
 2/1 Movies Club: "The Man Who Knew Infinity"
 3/1 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture on Medical Cannabis

 3/1 Show: "The Wolves"
 8-10/1 Musical Vacation at "Pastoral" Hotel in Kfar Blum 
 11/1 Show: "The Back Room"

 16/1 Movies Club: "Our Little Sister"
 16/1 Show: Astrit Balzan - Brahms as a Young Artist
 17/1 Trip: The "Sidria" in Kfar Kish
 24/1 "Women Greater then Life" - Dalis Talks to Meir Uziel
 24/1 Show: Astrit Balzan - Brahms as a Young Artist
 29/1 Show: "He Walked in the Fields"
 30/1 Movies Club: "The Meddler"
 31/1 Convention on Health and Sportive
 Activity for the Third Age

2016 Program

 December program
 5/12 Movies Club: "Me Before You"
 6/12 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture on Feng Shui
 11/12 Show: "A Simple Story"
 13/12 Trip to the Gilboa Clean Energy Center and to Kfar Rupin
 13/12 Lecture on Guided Imagery
 15/12 Show: "Alone in Berlin"
 16/12 Homage to A. B. Joshua
 19/12 Movies Club: "Paper Wedding"
 20/12 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture on Buddha, Zen and the tea ceremony art

 November program

 8/11 "Women Greater then Life" - Talk with the writer Hanna Tueg about her book "The Little

 8/11 Musical: "Evita"
 13/11-17/11 Vacation at Hotel "Crown Plazza" - Dead Sea
 14/11 Movies Club: "Noble"
 18/11 Show: Gil Shohat Hosts Rami Kleinstein
 22/11 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture: "Keeping the Head Up"
 22/11 Show: Astrith Baltsan - Mozart and Poulenc
 28/11 Movies Club:  "Room"
 28/11 Trip Following the Druze Heritage
 29/11 Show in Yiddish

 September-October program

 5/9 Movies Club: "Sufragette"
 6/9 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture: "Love and Other Troubles" - Standup
 8/9 Show: "The Actress"

 11/9-15/9 Trip to Valencia, Spain
 19/9 Movies Club: "Brooklyn"

 20/9 "Women Greater then Life" - Meeting a Knesset Women Member
 25/9 "Women Greater then Life" - Meeting Boaz Maoz about his book "It's all in the Head"
26/9 Movies Club: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2"
 27/9 Trip to Jerusalem
 30/9 Show: Astrith Baltsan - Gershwin and the American Dream
 19/10 Trip to Beth Govrin
 25/10 Show: The musical "Evita"
 31/10 Movies Club: "Fathers and Daughters"

 July-August program

 4/7 Movies Club: "Virgin Mountain"
 12/7 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture: "Without Humour God Help Us"
 12/7 Show: "The Book about King David"
 18/7 Movies Club: "Spotlight"
 20/7 Show: "Fleisher"
 25/7 Movies Club: "Shtissel" - Season 1, Episodes 1-3

 25/7 Musical: "I Like Mike"
 1/8 Movies Club: "Shtissel" - Season 1, Episodes 4-6
 15/8 Show: "Mefisto"
 21/8 Show: The Yiddishpiel Theater - "Our Special Tune"
 31/7-2/8 Vacation at Achuzat Assienda Hotel

 Summer Course in music on Thursdays - 7/7 - 28/7

 June program

 1/6 Picking cherries in the Golan Heights
 5/6-9/6 Vacation at the Dead Sea Hod Hotel 

 14/6 A Day of Sport in Kiryat Ono
 19/6 Performance: Astrith Baltsan presents a Portrait of Neomi Shemer

 20/6 Movies Club: "Mustang"
 21/6 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture: "Life as a Dance"
 21/6 Trip: Following the Footsteps of Uri Ilan
 26/6 Show: "Lost Dignity"
 27/6 Movies Club: "Bridge of Spies"
 28/6 Show: "An Hour of Silence"

 May program

 2/5 Movies Club: "Ricki and the Flash"
 2/5 Course on how to use a smartphone

 3/5 Trip to the Galilee
 8/5 Trip: "From a Dream to Reality" - the old Gesher
 13/5 Musical: "My Fair Lady"

 16/5 Movies Club: "The Intern"
 17/5 "Women Greater then Life" - Lecture: "Cooking and Science Meet"

 18/5 A Day of Culture at the Israel Museum
 20/5 Show: Homage to Shoshana Damari

 24/5 Show: "What to Do with Jenny?"
 30/5 Movies Club: "Coming Home"
 31/5 Show: Astrith Baltsan Presents

April program

 1/4 Show: "50 Shades of Classics"
 3-5/4 Vacation at Hotel Leonardo in Ashkelon 
 11/4 Movies Club: "Far from the Madding Crowd"
 12/4 "Women Greater then Life": Lecture: "Publicity and Gender: The Woman Image in the Media"
 13/4 Show: "To the End of the Land ("Woman Running Away from the News")

 27/4 Trip: Eynot Tsukim (Eyn Feshcha)

 March program

 7/3 Movies Club: "Boychoir"
 11/3 Show: "Homage to Ofra Haza"
 13/3 Trip: People in the Plain and the Artichoke Field"
 15/3 Show: "The Animals Farm"
 20/3 Trip: First Israeli Institutions
 21/3 Movies Club: "Human Capital"
 22/3 "Women Greater then Life": Lecture: "Women in Megillat Esther"
 23/3 Show: "Bad Jews"
 29/3 Trip: The Tsipori River and the Monks Station
 31/3 Musical: "West Side Story" 

 February program
 8/2 Trip: "Red South"
 8/2 Movies Club: "Serial (Bad) Weddings"
 15/2 Movies Club: "Boychoir"
 16/2 "Women Greater then Life": "Everybody has a Name"

 19/2 Show: "Bach, Scarlatti and Haendel meet the Ladino"
 22/2 Movies Club: "Black or White"
 24/2 Show: "Wandering Stars"
 28/2-3/3 Vacation at "Isrotel-Sport" Hotel in Eilat

 January program

 4/1 Movies Club: "The Belier Family"
 3-5/1 Vacation at "Pastoral" Hotel at Kfar Blum
 6/1 Show: "Jaffa corner Saloniki"
 8/1 Show: "When Literature Met Science" - Homage to Shimon Peres
 11/1 Show: "The Father"

 12/1 Trip: Musical trip between the Jordan River and the Kineret lake
 12/1 "Women Greater then Life": "Grandma in Jeans"
 12/1 Show: "The Frenchman and the Spaniard" - with Astrith Baltsan
 13/1 Health and Sport for the Third Age Assembly: "Body Inteligence"
 18/1 Movies Club: "The Water Diviner"
 21/1 Show: "The Glass Menagerie"

 20/1-3/2 Trip to Cuba and Costa Rica 

2015 Program

 December program

 7/12 Trip: A visit to "Utopia" Park and to the arts center at the Alma Hotel
 14/12 Movies Club: "Bulgarian Rhapsody"
 21/12 Musical: "The Threepenny Opera"
 22/12 A day visit at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv
 28/12 Movies Club: "A Good Death"

 November program

 2/11 Lecture: "The Legal Relationship between Parents and Children"
 2/11 Movies Club: "Whale" 
 2/11 Show: "A Happy (Gay) Family"
 9/11 Lecture: "Relationships in Couples in the Second Part of Life"
 8/11 - 12/11  Vacation at the Dead Sea

 13/11 Show: Homage to Arik Einstein
 16/11 First meeting of a course on how to use a smartphone
 16/11 Movies Club: "Unbroken"
"Women Greater then Life": "Grandma Stories"
 17/11 Performance: Opening of the 25th season concert with Astrith Baltsan:
           Beethoven - "The Emperor"
 18/11 Show: "I am Don Quixote"
 22/11 Lecture: "Women Business Initiative at Every Age"
 24/11 Trip: "Danny's Attraction"

 29/11 Show: "A Perfect Wedding"
 30/11 Movies Club: "Mr. Morgan's Last Love" 

September-October program

 3/9 Opening of the Hannah Mart College
 4/9 Show: "Homage to Nachum Heyman"
 8/9 The Biggest Israeli Sports Event for the Golden Age
 29/9 Show: "Love-sick from Shikun Gimel"
 "Women Greater then Life": "Women, our Story" - Knesset member Merav Michaeli
 11/10 Show: "The Gevatron"
 11/10 - 15/10  Vacation at Barcelona
 19/10 Movies Club: "Dearest"
 20/10  A day of Shiatzu treatments

 26/10  Trip: A visit to Taffet Nevo, "Melchishua", Kibbutz Merav and Tel Izre'el
 28/10  "A Golden Experience": A Day of Culture at the Israel Museum

August program

 3/8 Show: "Tzozamen!" (Together) - Yiddishpiel 
Show: "Rumpelstiltskin" 
Show: "Hair" 

July program

 1/7 Tour: "A Golden Experience" - A day of culture at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
 2/7 Summer Course in Music
 6/7 Movies Club: "The Imitation Game"
9/7 Summer Course in Music
 9/7 Show: "The Good Son"
 13/7 Visit to the Center for Israeli Intelligence Heritage
 The end of activities event of the "Women Greater then Life" program
 16/7 Summer Course in Music
 17/7 Show: "Homage to Illy Gorlitzky"  
 20/7 Movies Club: "Still Alice"
 21/7-23/7 Vacation at the vacation village Ramot
23/7 Summer Course in Music
 27/7 Movies Club: "Ida"
 27/7 Show: "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme"
 29/7 Show: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

 30/7 Summer Course in Music
 June program

 2/6 Workshop for improving brain function
 4/6 Show: "Othello"
 9/6 The "Women Greater than Life" program: Visit to the Eretz Israel Museum
 9/6 Art Course: "Edouard Manet - From tradition to innovation"
 9/6 Show: Astrith Baltsan - "Cantors in the Sky of Broadway"
 14/6 - 18/6 Vacation at the Dead Sea - "Hod" Hotel
 Trip: The "shtetl" settlement and the settlements in the valley
 23/6 The "Women Greater than Life" program - Lecture: "Laughter is a Serious Matter" -
         from Professional Clown Itzik
 30/6 Art Course: The protest art of Picasso and others

 May program
 4/5 Lecture: "The Five Elements of Health" 
Art Course: Michelangelo's view about the world, life and death 
 6/5 Show: "Ivanov" 

 11/5 Trip to mountain and valley settlements
 12/5 Show: Astrit Balzan: "Chopin - Search of Lost Time" 
 12/5 The "Women Greater than Life" program - 
Lecture : "The importance of dreams and sleep in
strengthening the peace of mind"
 19/5 Art Course: "Comprehensive tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican" 
 22/5 Show: "Believing and Singing in 
America / Worldwide Prayer" 
 25/5 Show: "Gorodish" 
 26/5 First meeting of 4 workshop sessions for improving brain function   
 27/5 - 4/6 Trip to Portugal 

April program

 5/4 Show: "Educating Rita"
 6/4 Trip to the renewed Beer Shiba town
 7/4 Trip No. 2 to the renewed Beer Shiba town

 12/4 Show: "Gipsy Soul"
 13/4 Movies Club: "The Notebook"
 14/4 The "Women Greater than Life" program - Lecture: "What lies between a "macho" man
         and an involved father"
 21/4 Art Course: "A Modern Look on Classical Architecture" - Lecturer: Hana Arbel
 27/4 Lecture: "The Five Elements of Health"

 27/4 Movies Club: "Siddhartha"
 27/4 Trip to Western Galilee

 March program

 1/3-3/3 Vacation at "Mitzpe Hayamim" Hotel
The "Women Greater than Life" program - Lecture: "The Woman Who Refused to Fill
       the King's Order - Assertiveness in the Bible" 
 3/3 Lecture and Performance: Astrith Baltsan
 9/3 Movies Club: "The Face of Love"
 10/3 Trip: "The First Women of Rishon Lezion"  
 15/3 Scenic trip to the blooming Gilboa
 16/3 Art Course: "Gaudi - The Modernista Architect" - 
Lecturer: Hana Arbel
 16/3 Show: "Kazablan"
 22/3 Trip following the footsteps of Ariel Sharon
 23/3 Lecture: "Wills and Prenuptial Agreements" 
 23/3 Movies Club: "Siddhartha"
 24/3 The "Women Greater than Life" program - Lecture and Performance: "My love affair
        with myself"
 25/3 Happening-Gathering: The "Mediterranean Towers" hosts a day of treats and surprises 
 30/3 Lecture: "How to balance your blood tests without drugs" 
 31/3 Show: "A Streetcar Named Desire"

 February program
 3/2 Workshop: "Improvement of Brain Functioning" - Lecturer: Orit Ben Tzur
Visit at Michal Negrin Visitors Center and Gallery Shop
 9/2 Movies Club: "The Hundred-Foot Journey"
 9/2 Course: "Learning How to Use a Smartphone"
 10/2 Workshop: "Improvement of Brain Functioning" - Lecturer: Orit Ben Tzur

 10/2 Lecture about the Rights of the Immigrants from Roumania and their Descendants -
         Lecturer: Attorney Eyal Bercu
 10/2 Show: "The Prayer of the Heart" - Dudu Fisher, Ruthy Navon and guests

 16/2 Lecture: Humor and Positive Thinking" - Lecturer: Esti Kapolnik
 19/2 The "Women Greater than Life" program - Lecture: "Relationships inside the family
         as reflected in the Dutch art" 
 23/2 "Healthy Community" - Lecture: "What's this Fatigue?" - Lecturer: Moran Even

 23/2 Movies Club: "Igor and the Cranes' Journey"
 24/2 Show: "The Good Person of Szechuan"
 25/2 Trip following the footsteps of Ariel Sharon
 26/2 Show: "Tartuffe"

January program

 5/1 Invitation to a free Shiatsu treatment, given by Alina Burin, a certified shiatsu therapist
 6/1 "Healthy Community" - A lecture on chronic diseases - Lecturer: Moran Even
 6/1 Show in Yiddish: "Shirley Valentine"
 12/1 Lecture about the warrior Eli Cohen: "
Unknown aspects of the Eli Cohen affair in Syria -
         including presentation" - 
Lecturer: Avraham Cohen (brother of Eli Cohen)
 12/1 Show: "St. Peterburg - The Pear and Apple Trees Bloomed"
The "Women Greater than Life" program - Workshop: "Improvement of Brain
         Functioning" - Lecturer: Orit Ben Tzur

 16/1 Guided tour at the Eretz Israel Museum
 18-20/1 Trip and Vacation: "Sound and String" - Classical Duet - Mid-week Musical
              at "Pastoral" Hotel, Kfar Blum
 19/1 Art Course: "Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse - Women and their influence" -
Lecturer: Hana Arbel
 20/1 Performance: Astrith Baltsan "From Bach and so forth, from Baroque till Rock"
 27/1 Trip to the region around Gaza
 30/1 Show: Homage to Ephraim Kishon


  Art Course Lecturer: Ms. Hana Arbel, Professor of Art History, M. A. of the Tel Aviv  

  Opening of the Course "Learning How to Use a Smartphone" 

  The Senior Citizens' Month took place from 26.10 to 26.11